The Top 10 Chest Exercises

Lower Leg Lifts: Raise the legs over the floor until they are almost completely extended. Maintain a small bend in the knees, don't lock your legs. For more in the place of challenge, hold your legs in the lifted position until you start to feel your muscles shake or burn, then lower. Repeat 10-15 times.

view need to build power via your arms and chest which means you can pop-up quickly on the waves. Burpees (aka squat thrusts) seriously are a great to help achieve this important. Make sure to include a pushup to your burpee. Go 3 sets of 10.

Get on ab crunch position where your legs are slightly bent and your upper is at a 75 degree angle. Take a how utilize Medicine ball and turn to and fro while holding the ball out prior to you. This operate your oblique muscles.

Core-Strengthening and Cardio Medicine Ball Workout with Lacey Stone

You will need: A soft, non-rubber medicine ball (like the Dynamax) between 10 and 15 pounds; 2 dumbbells between 20 and 30 pounds

A. Start with head propped on a medicine ball and feet resting on the ground, holding a dumbbell in each hand with elbows bent at sides.
B. Press right arm toward the ceiling. Bend right elbow to side.
C. Press left arm toward the ceiling. Bend left elbow to side to return to starting position.
Core-Strengthening and Cardio Medicine Ball Workout with Lacey Stone

Hanging knee raises: Many powerlifters do abdominal work with high reps regularly and who am I to argue these? If you find hanging knee raises too easy, try bent-leg or straight-leg hanging leg raises. If you're able to do your reps with straight legs easily, make use of a climbing sling to attach a weight plate to feet (carefully). Provided you can Medicine ball exercises do couple of good reps with a lot more 10lbs, I'd love notice it.

Single-leg squats: use a box to allow for your rear leg and drop your knee gently down down. These are usually called "Rear-Foot-Elevated-Split-Squats" by some very technical people. If you discover these easy, switch to free bodyweight single leg squats, generally known as "pistols". I often use a box complete pistols off because it makes it easier to balance and takes for most off your lower back if your mobility isn't the best. Which mine how to use medicine ball isn't.

F. Get back on the start position and repeat by bringing the ball towards the other side of your own. You could switch your current sets when leg areas. is useful for training both your lower and upper muscle tissues. A good lower back strength is desirable in order to perform this ab exercise completely.

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